You are currently viewing Pehchaan Episode 24: The final confrontation

Pehchaan Episode 24: The final confrontation

Pehchaan drama serial is based on the newly married girl Sharmeen played by Hiba Bukhari who lost her real identity after marriage. After the decay of a successful relationship with Adnaan aka Jibran Nasir, she realized that she lost her identity in living with her husband and two adorable kids. She demanded divorce without telling the reasons and left her happy home alone.

Pehchaan Episode 24 shows the reason behind sharmeen’s rude behavior and demanding of divorced from Adnan. Finally, the wait is over for the viewers who eagerly wanted to know the reason for this divorce decision made by sharmeen.

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Pehchaan Episode 24 shows that Sharmeen ‘s aunt played by Nadia khan asked her about this decision of divorce despite a well-settled husband in turkey with two adorable kids. She told her aunt the complete scenario when she met her ex-girlfriend of Adnaan in the hotel.

Eshal fayaaz as kehkashaan called sharmeen and planned to meet her. In the hotel, kehkashaan disclosed all the truth and the relationship between Adnan and her. She also told her that the pet name “kukki” which Adnan called her is the pet name that Adnan gave her before marriage.

Khekashan further discloses that your husband always finds her in his strong emotions in your appearance. You lead my life in that house. You are nowhere. Even in this decay of marriage adnan never call you by your real name. He made you kukki from sharmeen for the sake of love from me.

Hiba Bukhari as sharmeen realized that she said all the things right. And then she decided to leave that house in search of her lost identity. Which her husband snatched from her.
This is the truth that we are all waiting for the 1st episode of pehchaan. Now the audience gets the right thing. So we appreciate the decision of Sharmeen of leaving the house of her husband. Moreover, we appreciate the p she made to get successful in her skills and make money from that.

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