Want long hair like me, try these three remedies for instant hair growth

Want a long beautiful hair just like me, use only three remedies that actually works. And you need not to bother yourself. I want to write a blog on hair growth or long hair hacks. So here’s the time that I should write my routine of hair growth tricks.

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I always used a compliment of my long beautiful black hair. My old friends or my new friends always asked me about my long hair hacks. But I cannot recommend any special hack or tip for them. Because every girl has different kind of hair. When you did not know about your nature of hair, how did I know. So I am not any kind of specialist that recommend something interesting. But I should share my caring routine about my hair.

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My mother has long hair or even my all aunties have long black hair. I genetically I have long hair as my parent. Just a small care that our hairs need. Here’s more.

Hair growth

Wash your hair daily:

Washing your hair daily with shampoo may damage your hair. Because in adult shampoos, wax or other chemicals it contains to purify dirt from hair. But excessive use of it may damage your hair. Note I’ve mentioned washing hair daily with shampoos may damage your hair. I use shampoo of loreal paris.
You can wash your hair with clean water. Washing hair daily with clean water is good for hair scalp. In summers especially, our scalp is mostly sweated. Clean cold water may reduce sweating. And always use quite cold water for washing hair. Hot warm water may damage your hair. Your hair will dead for that.

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Oil your hair:

Oiling is the soul of hair. Yes! I oil my hair twice a week. I left oil in my hair at least 24 hours. Then I go to wash it. My mother always keep Oiling my hair and she used to massage my head. This process gives strength to my hair growth. I use coconut oil for my hair. It is no more thick oil for hair. Its has too light texture than other oil.

Comb your hair daily:

Combing is the process that excite blood circulation in our head. I always comb my hair twice a day. One at morning and one at evening. Another benefit of combing hair is to decrease the hair fall. When you smoothen your hair then it is not gone a be elflock. You will not suffer of hair fall.

I hope my three simple remedies will work for you. I will share more remedies and hacks to grow hair more faster in simple way. So if you like my blog then please subscribe to me.

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