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Guide to buy a right foundation for every skin type

How do I know my skin tone for foundation? Here are some hacks and tricks to buy a right foundation.
If your complexion has warm means yellow, cool means pink or neutral undertones. Another trick is to look at the your wrist veins, if you see blue or purple, you’re cool if it seems green or olive, you’re warm and if they’re a mix of both, you’re neutral.

Which skin tone is most attractive?

Men are mostly attracted to fair skin as they think of their natural beauty and innocence. That ‘s why girls used to be have a fair tone skin by using a lot of make up and creams. Specially Eastern women have different tones uses a lot of makeup products and hacks to prevent their skin.

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Understand your undertone:

If you want to go to find a suitable foundation just remember about your skintone. Many times our skin changes its colour because of acne and harmoon balance and imbalances. But our undertone remains always same. So kindly you have to understand your undertone skin colour by using your vein colour.
Another method of determine your undertone:
Here are some more tricks to determined your undertone of skin.

  • Watch your hair and eye color
  • How your skin reacts on skin
  • And observe your vein color

best foundation for your skin type:

If you have dry or oily skin won’t help you to pick a right foundation shade, below points will help you to choose the right foundation shade. Your skin can be oily, dry, or combination, and you can have normal or sensitive skin.

For Oily skin foundation :

  • matte finish foundation
  • oil-free liquid foundation
  • powder foundation

For dry skin foundation :

  • moisturizing or hydrating cream
  • stick foundation

sensitive skin foundation :

  • hypoallergenic and scent-free foundation

combination skin foundation :

  • Powder foundation

uneven complexion foundation :

Choose a foundation that offers full or medium coverage if you have an uneven complexion or if you want to cover most of your skin.

fairly even complexion foundation :

Use partial or sheer coverage foundation if you have a fairly even complexion and want a more natural look.

SPF foundation :

It is a good idea to buy foundation that has an SPF, because this will provide a small measure of protection against damaging UVA and UVB rays.

Test your foundation:

Testing products on shop looks more professional but if shopkeeper doesn’t allow you to test the product especially foundation here is the right way to test the product without using it.

  • Hold the foundation and compare your neck or jawline color with it.
  • Always test the foundation in natural light like sun light.
  • If you know the right shade of foundation then check the number and buy it.

Buy foundation online:

Women attract towards online brands because they look ravishing and flawless on internet. But before buying it you have to know about undertone and skin tone color. Here are some tips to buy the right foundation shade.

Tips To Pick The Right Foundation Shade Online

  1. Determine your Undertone.
  2. Different shades of different brands
  3. Your Favourite Foundations.
  4. read Reviews, and watch YouTube Videos.
  5. Buy a Foundation Shade Adjuster.
  6. You Can Even Mix Shades.
  7. Buy From Sites which gives a Good Return Policy.

If you buy wrong shade of foundation:

You can mixed your foundation if your foundation color is not suited your skin.

  • Moisturizer
  • Primer
  • A lighter foundation
  • Concealer or finishing powder

Best foundation of all:

How to buy right foundation for your skin tone

Radiat cream foundation SPF 24 is the most compatible foundation of all which received promising reviews on internet. Read the reviews.

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  • I have used Radiant Cream Foundation for 10+ years and love this product. I have a reddish undertone to my skin and the B30 makes my skin look flawless.
  • This is by far the best foundation I’ve come across in 40 yrs. of relentless searching & trust me when I say I’ve tried them all! I can’t say enough about the primer which is a game changer also. I have since ordered the whole makeup line. Incredible products that do not disappoint. Sorry it took this long for me to find this reputable brand, but I am forever converted!!
  • I love this foundation! It goes on smoothly, has great coverage, and feels light on my skin. I also love the smell. I would highly recommend this product. Well worth the price.
  • This lightweight foundation is light enough to simply provide excellent spf, but also covers all skin imperfections without looking cakey.
  • I bought this in March and loved it right away, very silky smooth coverage with moisture and spf protection. Once it got warm & muggy in summer, this felt too heavy, so I’m using something else until the weather gets cooler, I miss the beautiful finish.

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