Squid game review: A depressing lesson of quarrel life

Squid game is the Korean Netflix series to watch. The most trending series of the year create a milestone of success across the globe. Even thousands of games is been made on the play store and IOS.

Squid game is a series about 456 players who came to play the game in mysterious circumstances to win a billion rupees from it. Each player has to pay millions of rupee loans to some people and they are terrible, living their life in hell. All of the people invited to play the squid game in mysterious circumstances. Where they don’t know about the game and location and organization.

In squid game, that player who has been eliminated will be shot fire on the spot lead them to death. There are six games in this tournament.

The first game is the childhood game red light and the green light. The second game is a shape-removing game. The 3rd game is a thug of war. 4th game is a partner game to defeat your companion. 5th game is to cross a glass pull by following the players. The last 6th game is about fighting with another single player. By killing the player, the champion wins the 45 billion from the organization.

Player number 456 won 45 billion rupees by winning the squid game.

The squid game season 2:

The squid game season 2 is the demand of million of people. And there is unconfirmed reports of the season 2 of squid game. but the official statement is still pending from makers.

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Squid game review:

The squid game is a very effective series watching it right now. every single moment hooks the episode till the end.

The squid game is the series that gives the ultimate sad reality of life. Where life and death do not important for anyone. If the thing is important in life is only winning and defeating the rivals. We can see in every level of the game is that no one depends upon anybody. It is the war of winning life and its necessity.

There is no partner in the game and every player has his approach and benefits to win the game. Every player is using another player to get his goals. This is the sad reality of life to live with it in hell. If you need to survive in this quarrel land you need to expand your sources by snatching it with everyone.

Moreover, the mastermind of this squid game, the player no 1 a pale old man play games with the remaining 455 players. He has a lot of money to give to someone. But he wants to live another life with young bots to relive his youth that he cannot buy with money.

The man has a brain tumor and he wants to play squid games with young boys and girls to relive his childhood memories before death. It is the harsh reality of life that a billionaire can buy anything except his childhood and health. The man killed 455 players just for his entertainment. Here in the squid game, every person follows his needs to fulfill them. The squid game presents this reality very dramatically.

If still, you are waiting to watch the squid game. Then don’t waste your time more. And switch to Netflix to watch it now.

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