Tiktok ban in pakistan
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Tiktok ban in pakistan, top 5 reasons behind it

Yesterday tiktok ban in pakistan. PTA issued notice of banning tiktok because of its indecent content. The warning was given to tiktok company to erase immoral activities and videos from tiktok. But tiktok failed to remove all indecent content from tiktok. So PTA now disable Tiktok in all over Pakistan. Happy, sad, crying, anger and critic comments are on the way. The topic is on trending all over social media.

Tiktok ban in pakistan trending

This app is most lovable app all over the world. Many tiktokers gain recognition and fame especially in pakistan. Pakistani media promotes tiktokers on tv channels. Tiktokers signed music album, photoshoot, films, dramas, tv shows etc. Infact tiktokers ran public campaign in Lahore where they invited to give speech on coronavirus. Because they are public figures.

Tiktok ban in pakistan:

Talking about tiktok ban in pakistan, various tiktokers have million of followers on tiktok including jannat mirza, kashif khan, Zulqarnain and reeja gilani etc. They have almost 10M followers. And they are very famous across the border. Lets have a quick look, why tiktok banned in pakistan. Reasons behind it.

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Indecent content:

Tiktok where there is a ocean of dirty and indecent content. Most of the tiktokers are spreading vulgarity and immorality on tiktok. Tiktok is mostly watch by children, teenagers and adults. And these activities spoil the innocent mind of children. That is why tiktok has banned.


Sexual message:

Tiktokers are promoting sexual activities which gives sexual message to viewers. And that is not acceptable for kids and teens.

Accidents and death rates:

Rates of accidents and death are increasing among tiktokers. Especially in pakistan, various tiktokers lost their precious life in making video. Some of them died in accident and some of them died falling from the cliff. And the all tiktokers are very young who died in making videos. That’s the reason of banning it.

Excessive use of tiktok:

Due to lockdown and in Quarantine tiktok usage increased among people. But to much usage of tiktok and other social media apps are harmful for kids and teens. And they should adopt healthy activities rather than tiktok.

Tiktok obsession:

Various tiktokers are famous in pakistan and across the border. So many teens and adults are tried hard to become famous in pakistan like them. And they are trying their effort on wrong platform. They sould do something unique to get viral. If they try their efforts in right platform then they get fame and money also. And kids lost their mind and learning skills towards studies. That’s the reason of banning tiktok.


I think banning tiktok is the right decision to make. But where similar apps are available on playstore to watch and make videos like tiktok. So PTA will not be able to ban all of them. The right solution is to spread awareness among kids, children, adults and teens how to avoid social media apps and adopt good and healthy activities that boost IQ level and learning skills. Run social media campaigns, school college campaign and surveys among teens and adults. Then the obsession of such apps among people will decrease.

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