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Tiktok show on bol entertainment banned by pemra

After jalan on ary digital pemra took action against tiktok show on bol entertainment. And PEMRA issued notice on banning the show. Everyone who is watching the show knows very well about its content. People enjoy the show and its content but some people did not like its content and they are raising voice against its content.

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Tiktok show on bol entertainment:

The show is basically premiere the telent of tiktokers of Pakistan. Tiktokers send their videos to channel to showcase their telent. And channel onair their videos. The show consist of 4 sections. Tiktok heroine, tiktok heroes, tiktok kids and tiktok uncle and aunties. Every age of man and woman easily showcase their telent on this platform. People love the show and continues watching it. But now PEMRA bans it.

Why ban on tiktok show:

According to the press release PEMRA banned tiktok show on bol entertainment because of its content. Invalid and vulgar content and music of indian songs are continue to airing which urges people to file complaints on pakistan citizens portal and social media accounts of PEMRA. Indian songs, dramas and films are strictly banned on channels, radio and on cinemas also. PEMRA warned the channel to review their content and videos before airing it but they didn’t take any actions on it. PEMRA needs to regularize all the content of channels according to Pakistani values and traditions.

Tiktok show on bol entertainment banned by pemra

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Moreover PEMRA banned drama serial jalan on ary digital and also re telecast of ishqia and pyar kay sadkay on hum tv. Because their content is also doing injustice of Pakistani values and tradition.

According to section 27 of PEMRA ordinance the show is banned now on bol entertainment.

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