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Tom and Jerry 2021 review, a complete package for kids and family

Tom and jerry are classic cartoon icons on our television screens. But how you will feel if you watch Tom and jerry’s 2021 movie on big screens as a blockbuster (I said in my title that it’s a complete package of entertainment for kids and family but I think it is not a blockbuster) movie or film.

Yesterday last night I watched the movie. And here I am presenting Tom and jerry 2021 movie review for you. I am sure that this review will help you to invest your money and time to sit on a chair and watch it.

Plot/story of Tom and jerry 2021:

The movie starts with Tom who is fired from his job as a house pet. And as we know that there is a long-term revival of Tom and jerry. Later you will see a beautiful girl Kayla who is also fired from her job and now she goes to New York City hotel to find her employment. And fortunately, she gets her job as a staff member in the hotel.

In the grand hotel of New York City, there is a couple Ben and preeta who is a resident and soon to get married in the hotel. Ben and Preeta love each other. Ben always tries to impress people and Kayla’s father with his grand arrangements. But Kayla always loves simplicity. And there is going to be a centric wedding in the hotel but a mouse (Jerry) comes and create trouble for everyone.

The hotel manager and other staff do not want to leak the news of the mouse in the royal gate hotel as it will destroy the reputation of hotels all over the world.

That’s why the Deputy Manager of the royal gate hotel Terrance gives the task to Kayla to catch the mouse and get rid of him. Kayla hired Tom for this task. She appointed him and Tom gets a job in the hotel. But where Tom and Jerry exist, unusual circumstances occur eventually. Preeta’s Lil cat, Ben’s spike, deputy manager, Tom, and Jerry tangled in a blast fight, and the manager locks both Tom and jerry in behind the bars. Where he used to plan conspiracy against the hotel and Kayla. And he wants Tom and jerry to join hands with him.

But circumstances change and Ben and Preeta parted their ways. And at the last Kayla accept her mistake in front of Preeta and she reunites Ben and Preeta again. The wedding that was going to be a grand wedding of new York, now precise in a small wedding. And also Tom and Jerry become friends. But not for so long.

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Tom and jerry 2021 movie review:

This movie is about one hour and thirty minutes to watch. Not very so long to sit and watch it. And that is good for family and kids to spend quality time watching it.

Coming to movie plot first of all. I think it did justice with its main story. The story simply revolves around Tom and jerry chasing the game. And it is gone to be successful on screens.

Next coming to the characters of the movie. All the human characters of the movie are not changed to their actual appearance. Only Tom and Jerry and other animal avatars of the cartoon remained the same as they were shown on television. So it is quite distracting. Because I could not connect to it. When Kayla and other human characters talked to Tom. It seems very virtual and very fake. But never mind. It’s just the theme of the movie. But I miss the Ted series where a 3D animated avatar Ted easily blends with humans. And people easily connect with it.

As we are watching Tom and jerry from our childhood. We always see that in trouble situations, Tom and Jerry become friends and fight together with the enemy. Same you will watch in the movie.

In this movie, you will find good comic timings of Tom and jerry as well as from human characters. You will have a great laughing corner.

And as talking about love, love does not exist in material things. It just exists in feelings, emotions, and souls. Ben always showed his love to Preeta in the form of money. But Preeta always wants his feelings and emotions towards her that passionate about her. That is quite interesting and realistic.


Yes i am recommending this movie for your kids and children. You will get yourself entertained after watching it. And if you already watched this movie then share your thoughts in comment section and if you find Tom and jerry 2021 review helpful the let me know in comment section.

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