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Top 3 dramas of the week, raaz e ulfat and jalan are ruling

This week three dramas on prime time are ruling on trp charts according to channel trps and also on youtube channels. Jalan and raaz e ulfat are ruling out. Because of its script. Jalan continously faces criticism but not raaz e ulfat. Muqaddar is also on the charts because of its unique story and script. Faisal qureshi is the choice of viewers. But here I am going to share our reviews about these top 3 dramas of the week. Are they worth to rule on trp chart or not. So here is the top 3 dramas of the week.


Jalan is creating hype with every new episode. It is the drama where it is facing controversies from its first trailer. Where one sister is having an affair with her brother in law. When its first teaser comes it created a lot of buzz. Viewers cannot accept the script. And starting bashing over it badly. Even on twitter there viewers made the top trend of these type of dramas with the name of واہیات ڈرامے.

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This week we can see that nisha escaped from her house as she does not want to marry. And all the family friends in the house of wedding starts bashing over nisha and her parents. Nisha ‘s father is in shock lying on bed and nisha goes to asfand’ s house where he keeps her in his house. On the other side nisha ‘s ex fiancee ahmer married to girl but his behavior is very rude towards her. He throws her out of his room on wedding day. Ahmer’ s elder sister continuously scolded ahmer of his behavior. Nisha continously demands to give divorced to her wife. But asfand cannot do it because misha is pregnant. Ahmer went to abroad and asfand sister comes from abroad to her brother ‘s house where she sees nisha instead of misha in asfand’ s room.

Raaz e ulfat:

Raaz e ulfat is also viewers choice to watch it with all their passion. Because people love yumna zaidi and shezad sheikh pair in it. The script is beautiful and unique. It is the story of a girl and boy who are totally different from their background. Mushk belongs to middle class family whose father is very strict and orthodox. On the other hand Irtaza belongs to elite class modern family. When Mushk goes to university for higher studies she met with the modern girl Saiba played by komal aziz. Saiba introduces Irtaza to Mushk. And they fallen in love. After time passes saiba starts jealous of Mushk and Irtaza love bond and she started to create rift between them.

In the recent episode of this week. Irtaza asks saiba about mushk forcefully where she misguides him about mushk. He leaves angrily from there. Mushk comes home at midnight in very bad condition. Where Irtaza ‘s parents leaves by seeing her like this. Irtaza’ s father refused to attend the marriage of irtaza as he does not want mushk as his daughter in law. Irtaza calls mushk and asks about whole incident. But he also bashing over her and tells her about his parents decision that they don’t want to attend the marriage ceremony. Saiba becomes very happy after that incident. Irtaza goes to noomi and asks about last night party. He said that mushk comes with her own will and saiba was not there last night. After misguiding irtaza, noomi calls saiba and tells that her work is done. She smiles evily.


Muqaddar is another top rated drama of the week. It is the story of social norm where an elite class man who can do anything to persue his will. Sardar saif ul rehman who is wife and young beautiful daughter is fallen in love with young beautiful girl Raima. He kidnapped her and blackmails her by beating his fiancee. Then he forcefully married to her.

Casting is perfect in the drama. Sardar saif ul rehman is played by faisal qureshi and Raima played by madiha imam. Script is unique and beautiful. Story of muqaddar points towards the sardars of villages whose mindset is orthodox and they prefer to marry young beautiful girls.

In the recent episode saif ul rehman furst wife continues to get rid of her husband ‘s second wife Raima. But she failed continously because saif ul rehman loves her a lot and he is not listening to her daughter also.

I hhope you are satisfied with our review. If you, then please tell us in our comment section.

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