Top 5 Islamic series of the world to watch this Ramadan 2021

Ramadan of 2021 is all set to come this year in mid of April. And unfortunately the attacks of corona virus are rapidly increasing in the world. People need to aware of this issue and they should Quarantine themselves in Ramadan too. You can watch these amazing top 5 Islamic series to have a great learning time.

Talking about the top 5 Islamic series to watch this Ramadan will give you the best time to enjoy and learn more about Islam, history, culture and values, etc.

These top 5 Islamic series have every element that a good series demand to show. Love, hate, revenge, rebellion, friendship, relationship, etc are those elements that take you in the charisma of Islamic history.

Top 5 Islamic series of the world:

Here are the top 5 Islamic series of the world to watch this Ramadan 2021.

Yousuf payamber:

The series is very popular all over the world. It is very good series that is based on the complete surah of Quran “yousuf” which lead the complete life of prophet Yousuf. The series contains love, emotion, jealousy, relationship, friendship, hatred, prayers, history of Egyptians, and beauty of the prophet yousuf.

The series is about prophet yousuf who was suffered by his 9 brothers. His brother threw him in the dark well to get rid of him permanently. But destination take him to Egypt where he grew up by the beautiful lady of Zulaikha.

And again yousuf suffered from the lady zulaikha as she start loving her and wanted to have an extra marital affair with prophet. But prophet refused to do this immoral act that take him jail for 12 years. After 12 years his one act lead him to the minister of Egypt and at last after 40 years, he reunited with his beloved father yaqub, and his 10 brothers.

This surah is the most beautiful story of Quran as Allah says in the beginning of this surah.

Diriliş Ertuğrul:

The series is based on Islamic hero Ertuğrul Ghazi complete life whose next generation lead on 3 subcontinent of the world and spread Islamic culture among people.

Ertuğrul is the son of Suleman shah, belonged to kayi tribe dreamed of the independent land for Muslim Turk where they can live according to their culture and there is no fear of atmosphere, food and other things.

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The series is based on 5 season. Every season have more than 100 episodes. And this series became most popular series in Pakistan last year where prime Minister of Pakistan Imran khan recommended this series to all pakistanis in Quarantine days.


It is the epic story of the history of Islam where it shows the Martyrs of kufa and it is based on the life of Ali ibn Ali talib. The series is dubbed with English subtitle. It is available on youtube.

Mukhtar nama:

Mukhtar nama is the story of mukhtar who is the leader. He lead the rebellion against the ruler of iraq who rule the Iraq for 18 months.

The series is presented by iranian production and it is the most popular series to show the civilization, history and cultural reforms.

The series contains 40 episodes and it is dubbed in various languages. Check for its different languages to watch this Ramadan.

Asha e kahaf:

Ashab e kahf another islamic series based on quranic surah. It is very convincing story of Ashab e kahaf who slept for thousand years in a cave. When they woke up, they saw different people of next to next generation and people of that century wondering after listening to their series.

These all series are available on youtube and other video platforms with dubbing and English subtitle. Have a great time of learning with these amazing top 5 Islamic series of the world.

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