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Turning Red Review: Happiness and satisfaction always needed in teenagers.

Turning Red is 2022 American computer-animated coming-of-age fiction satire film created by Pixar Animation Studios and broadcasted by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. It is directed by Domee Shi in her feature directorial debut, from a script penned by Shi and Julia Cho. 

Turning Red Plot:

Turning Red is a story about Meilin (Mei) Lee, who is thirteen years old a teenager, lives in Toronto with her parents. Mei is the bold, intelligent topper of class and mama’s daughter.

She has three friends. Including Miriam, Priya, and Abby with one class rival Tyler. He is the nasty boy of the school who always teases Mei and her friends.

Mei and her friends are big fans of the 4 towns band, and they are eagerly wanted to go to attend the show in the city. But their parents have not liked these types of shows for their children.

One night Mei has a nightmare and she transforms into the Red Panda. She freaks out of having such an avatar. but after that, she used to calm her down and she again transform into her real avatar of a human.

Mei’s mother guesses that her daughter may have period issues. She arranges necessary stuff for her, drops her to school. But Mei’s mother realizes that her daughter forgot her pads and she secretly enter her school. Where all the class fellows enjoy the scene which makes Mei so aggressive that she eventually turned into the red panda. And she runs from school and reaches home.

Where Mei finds out the truth about her former ancestor. Her mother and father tell her that her former ancestor is loved by red pandas and once in the crises situation they transform into the red panda to fight with their rivals.

The transformation of the red panda continues after that and all the ladies get this avatar after some time but we can control our red panda after having prayer on full moon night to capture the red panda into the pendant.

Mei’s parents arrange one big room for Mei so that Mei easily sleep and no more destruction can be made from her panda transformation.

Suddenly friends of Mei come to her and they get to know about her panda transformation. They console Mei and hug her so the Mei feels relaxed and she again transforms into her human avatar. They Mei gets to know that her friends are truly genuine for her so whenever she thinks about them, she feels peace and loved and her aggression and excitement come to an end. So, she can easily control her panda avatar.

After that Mei and her friends decide to go to watch the 4 towns show so they start to arrange the 400 dollars per head. Mei entertains everyone in the school by using her panda transformation. But in meanwhile Tyler who was not invited by Mei to see her transformation blackmails her about revealing her plans to her mother. He demands her to come to his birthday party in panda transformation and entertain his guest. Mei agrees and she demands 200 dollars for this.

One day Mei’s grandmother comes for the pray conducted by her to get rid of Mei panda transformation. On the day of Tyler’s birthday party, she escapes from her home. And she entertains her guest. Meanwhile, Mei’s mother comes and scolds her friends and takes her daughter home for rituals of the full moon.

Mei’s friends go to the concert without Mei and Mei performs her ritual on the full moon. In the middle of the process Mei decide to have her panda avatar as she spends a great time with this.

She refuses to get rid of the red panda and runs from her home to attend the concert with her friends.

Mei’s mother goes furious after Mei decision. She burst out in her anger and transform into her red panda avatar. She also chases her daughter to bring her back. 

Mei who was attending the concert with her friends, her mother (a giant red panda) enters the concert. She destroys everything. Mei tells her mother that she is not at all a good daughter she wants to have her own decisions and she wants to live her life by her own will. 

Mei hits her mother and her mother falls on the ground and faints. At that moment Mei’s grandma comes with her family and they all transform into red pandas to save the Mei mother. Rituals of the full moon started and they reach another world to get rid of the red panda avatar. Mei’s mother also gets rid of her panda avatar. But Mei decided to have her panda face with her as she enjoys her life another face too. 

Her mother stands with her on this decision. All the drama comes to an end. Tourists start visiting their old temple again. And Mei entertains them with panda transformation. They earn a lot of money too. And Mei enjoys her life by her own decision.


The film Turning red 2022 is full of entertainment. It is a good film if you want to make your weekend watchable. And, If you love pandas, you will enjoy the cuteness of many pandas in one package.

The story is perfect. It is full of fantasy, not relatable to reality. So many lessons it gives you with the storyline. In real life, 13 years old teenagers can relate to it. 

Turning red 2022 teaches the individual happiness and favoritism in front of your favorite person. Always prefer your happiness. You did not come to happy others in your life and make your appearance sad from the inner side.

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