Urfi Javed: A Double Standards of Bollywood

Urfi javed is an indian influencer and a fashion blogger. She is famous for her weird or unpredictable fashion clothes and styles. From recent years she has been always in the news due to her objectionable styling and clothes.

It is the persona that people don’t like her fashion sense because her styling and revealing clothes trigger the masses to criticize her and also people more than 90 percent hate on her social media handle, but we can see that they cannot ignore her.

Urfi javed has the ability to catch the attention of people. So we can say that once you saw her you cannot ignore her anymore, even you follow her on her instagram handle or not.

We saw many incident in the past that common people, celebrity of her own fraternity and the journalist also bash on her due to her fashion and styles. But the question is that why?

The question is that why always urfi javed has been the victim of severe criticism in the bollywood? But we see that the many indian celebrity and influencers have some weird fashion and clothing styles. Many found to wear extreme revealing clothes in the public. But why always urfi javed faces these useless criticism or other things.

Lets have a look on the celebrities of bollywood with the same fashion and clothing styles.

Nia sharma:

Nia sharma is a bollywood actress and influencer also with a huge number of followers on instagram. Lets have a look on her fashion sense and clothing styles.

Mouni roy:

Mouni roy is an indian film and tv actress who done famous tv shows from naagin to blockbuster film brahmastra. She has some of very good clothing styles but sometime we saw her wearing clothes that are too much revealing for masses.

Disha patani:

Disha patani is an indian film actress and she found wearing revealing clothes in photoshoots and publicly also.

Gizele thakral:

Gizele thakral know for the great indian casino (2019), mastizaade (2016) and kyaa kool hain hum 3 (2016) is an indian actress and influencer. She found wearing revealing clothes also. Here are the pictures.

Jhanvi kapoor:

Jhanvi kapoor is an indian film actress doin many film like bawaal, dhadak and many more. She also found wearing objectionable clothes in the public events also.


Now the question is that the public and other celebrities who severely point out the urfi javed on her fashion sense and clothing choice, so they also need to point out these celebrities as well. not only them but many more influencers like urfi javed has some weird sense of fashion also. if people consider that their criticism is healthy enough for the society to stop the bad things in it by just bashing bad words towards them. if they seriously consider that their clothes are the reason of triggering rapes or other social norms then they should boycott them rather than stalk them on social media platforms or other search engines. keep your standards same for all and don’t victimize the one who always in the news.

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