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Wabaal: Sara Khan Strong Comeback After Raqs e Bismil

Wabaal drama serial starred Sara khan, meerub ali and talha chahour on hum tv. Wabaal drama serial 1st episode starts from birthday celebration of Sara khan in university with her friends and classmates. Later sara khan is seen with her friends sitting in the car and racing with other boys of the town.

It is the first drama serial where sara khan acted after the birth of Alyana Falak. And also she had a strong comback after Raqs e Bismil the classic beautiful drama serial of hum tv.

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Wabaal drama serial starring promos and teasers are promising and catchy story line. Also the drama serial wabaal gives the message of not taking interest from people of getting rich life.

Moreover, wabaal featuring sara khan in lead role gives her a strong comback position with power pact performance. She is playing a role of a girl wanted to become rich by presenting lies in front of her rich friends.

Wabaal drama serial is going to be more exciting. Tune into hum tv and watch wabaal at 8pm.

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