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Wehshi Episode 1: Asif And Sobia Fates Are Decided

Wehshi Episode 1 is aired on Hum Tv at 9 pm on Monday. The most awaited drama serial based on Razia butt famous novel is named “wehshi”.

Episode 1 of wehshi drama serial starts with a gripping story by deciding the fate and destination of Asif played by khushal khan and Sobia played by Komal meer in the lead roles. The further cast of the wehshi drama is including Nadia khan as muneera ( Asif’s mother), and Babar Ali as Asif’s stepfather as the most important supporting characters.

The 1st episode of wehshi starts with the cake-cutting ceremony of Asif with his parents Muneer and muneera standing behind him and cheering for him. In the other scene, Sobia was seen beaten by her father brutally.

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Wehshi drama serial revolves around Asif whose father was shot dead and later asif will be seen mistreated by his stepfather. Which builds up love and hate sentiments in young Asif.

1st episode of wehshi aired with the gripping strong storyline. Wehshi Episode 1 discloses many events that pull up the story so fast that the audience can easily understand.

Wehshi Episode 1 shows that Asif belongs to a well-settled family where he is living a good care life with his parents. He is the most beloved son of his father Munir. But one day his father was shot dead at the end of the episode.

On the other hand wehshi, Episode 1 shows that Sobia belongs to a poor family. She has a father who did not like her and always beat her for no reason. Sobia seems to dislike her father. And one day her father died due to cardiac arrest.

We found very good chemistry between Asif’s parents Munir and muneera. And this chemistry will also highlight the Asif character who lost the warmth of love 1st from her father’s death and 2nd from her mother’s 2nd marriage.

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Sobia and Asif will continue their journey to finding true love. So if you are searching for a story having all the spice of love and hate relationships then tune into hum tv at 9 pm on Monday and Tuesday.

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