Weight loss by running, 15 days plan

Hey guys, this is my 2nd blog on weight loss. Weight loss by running. My first blog was on weight loss with having gym. Read it. You may find it easy to adopt. So let’s come on the topic. Weight loss by running. Its not an easy thing. Because good running is the exercise which is not adopted by old age. It is an alarming situation for a person who is gaining weight. Young people find it difficult now. Because it requires lot of courage and stamina to stick to it. If someone is asthma patient then this exercise will never work for them. So kindly make sure that your immunity is very strong for running.

Weight loss by running:

As I said that it is not an easy exercise to burn calories. Just keep motivating yourself. And do it.

Weight loss by running is not for everyone. Many people run on roads, parks, home and on treadmill. But they didn’t lose a single kg. Because every body texture is not same. Maybe you will not lose weight r burn calories. But you may get body transformation by burning a lot of fat around your belly, thighs and bumps.

You will get something by running. A body transformation or weight loss.

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15 days running plan:

Plan your 15 days schedule for running. First decide your place where you will like to run. I recommend that you should go out for running. Morning time is the best. The fresh air will give you a plenty of fresh oxygen to your lungs. And you will never face the attacks of suffocation and tight breathing.

Here 15 days schedule of running plan.

DaysOutside (parks) Inside (house) Treadmill (gym)
Day 1Take a Slow start (15min)Take a walk (15 min) Take a slow speed (15min)
Day 215 min15 min15 min
Day 320 min20 min20 min
Day 425 min25 min25 min
Day 530 min30 min30 min
Day 6Boost your imunity (30 min) Speed up your running (30 min) Boost your speed (30 min)
Day 730 min30 min30 min
Day 835 min35 min35 min
Day 940 min40 min40 min
Day 1045 min45 min45 min
Day 11Run on roads (45 min, target 1 miles)Run on stairs (45 min, target 20 rounds, take a pause after one round) Run oon tread mill (45 min, targeted speed 7mph)
Day 1245 min45 min45 min
Day 1345 min45 min45 min
Day 1445 min45 min45 min
Day 1545 min45 min45 min
Schedule of weight loss by running in 15 days

Running methods at home:

Are yyou a house wife and you are busy in your daily chores. And you have no time to go out for running. Or you have no treadmill at home. Then don’t worry about it. Here are running methods at home.

  • Run on stairs.
  • Run from one room to another
  • Use terrace for running
  • Run in house garden
  • At your room

Running methods on outgoing:

There are various ways of running. You have flat roads, treadmill, parks etc. Here’s methods,

  • Try to warmup and pushups before running.
  • Cover complete area of parks.
  • Complete your circle of running on flat roads.
  • If you are going to gym and you are using treadmill then keep an eye on your speed
  • Try to keep a bottle of water to hydrate yourself.

Running outfits:

Hey the most suspected thing of running or jogging is your outfit. Do your exercise in comfortable outfit. Girls can wear bra and pents in running with joggers.

Burn your calories:

Untitled Body weight in Kg.

Calories burned per minute

Just your weight in kgs. And you will find how much calories you can burn in one min by running.

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