How to lose weight

Weight loss, Weight loss tips without having gym.

Weight loss is the real obsession of woman. She is always thinking of weight loss tips and tricks. They read articles on newspaper, blogs and watch videos on internet about it. Woman as well as young girls and teens also have this obsession of weight loss. They always freaks before measuring weight on machine. Over weight causes diseases, depression and health problems.

Here i am going to share weight loss easy tips for woman. Which is highly easy and effective for all age of woman. These tips maintained your health as well as you will lose your weight easily. Without having gym and heavy exercises.

How to lose weight

Have a good breakfast:

Having a good breakfast is essential for health. Use protein, vitamins and calcium in your food. Don’t use these items in the form of medicine but actually in food. In food your body will get what it wants. Always have your breakfast like a king.

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Get high protein in eggs, yogurt and cheese. Calcium in milk and vitamins in fruits. Eat Apple daily because it has vitamin B2, B1, A and C. And the best phrase for Apple is

An apple a day, keeps the doctor away

Have one apple, milk or yogurt and egg a day. Which gives you all three ingredients. The best is to have trio items in breakfast.

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Have hungry lunch:

Have hungry lunch when you workout in the morning. After having a good breakfast you should go out for work. Woman works in their homes. This workout helps you to digest your heavy breakfast. In lunch time, have your lunch. This time you feel hungry. Eat low carbs, greens and beans in your lunch. Green items strengthen your digestive system. Green items is essential for woman of all ages. It has vitamins. Dark green leaves vegetables are highly recommended for woman. For woman ‘s reproductive system green vegetables and beans are essential for that.

Keep your lunch minimum than breakfast.

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Have a light dinner:

The third key is to have a light dinner. The food that we eat in night, causes problems for health. Because at night, we have no work to do. After dinner we have to go to sleep. And our digestive system have no time to digest heavy dinners. Thats why our food remains in our stomach and leave undigested. And at morning we faces stomach pain, constipition, overweight and vomiting etc.

If you have a good heavy dinner than finish your dinner before 9pm. And walk at least half hour and take a green tea.

Green tea is highly consider for weight loss.

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Drink water before food:

Always drink water before having lunch, dinner and breakfast. Before food water will clean your throat and wet your stomach. This will smoothen your stomach.

Avoid water after food:

Don’t drink water after food. Usually people drink water after having meal. It is wrong. Don’t sink your meal in stomach with water. Your meal will start sinking in stomach and caused problem in digestion.

Drink water at least 10 to 15 minutes after having meal.

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Eat when you are hungry:

Always eat when you feel that you are hungry. Don’t give stress to your body by eating too much. Woman mostly does not eat even they feel hungry. Extreme hungur causes health problem. Please remove this from your mind that to being hungry all the time helps you to lose fat. No, that’s wrong. To be hungry never helps you to lose fat in your body but it causes certain problems.

Especially in woman and girls. Hunger defect their productive parts. Their periods will effected by that.


Quit eating when you lose your appetite. If you eat much, this will causes over weight. Just stay away from over eating habbits.

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Over eating habbits comes from junks. Girls loves to eat junk food and they can’t stop eating if they like junks. These girls never lose their weight.

Drink lot of water:

Lot of water keep your body hydrated. It is good for health. Water prevents beauty. A lot of water benefited your skin beauty. Water keep your stomach wet and smooth. Moreover water helps you to burn thousands of calories in a day. This will helps you to lose significance amount of weight.

Drink plain water:

We should always drink plain water. It is best quote

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If cold water did not affect you in your teens than it will affect you more in your old age.

Always drink warm or plain water. Don’t use too much cold water. Because it freeze your fat. This will cause highly weight and fat arround our body.

Exercise daily:

Woman of every age should do light exercise daily. Woman mostly busy in her homework. Like cleaning, dusting, washing and cooking. These works have physical workout. Which is good for weight loss.

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If you want to know the actual weight in certain age visit world health organization.

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  2. I didn’t know about cold water freezing fat. I always try to drink room temp water because I have always heard it absorbs easier in the body because it is close to body temp.

    1. Thanks for your info jody. And its good that you drink water at room temperature. But i should including here that if you cook meal in butter or other cooking oil,which considered low fat in description. Then its good. But it is ideal history that every human should avoid cold water after meal which is cooked in butter especially. Bcz cold water is heavy and butter is also heavy in texture.

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