Which makeup brush do what? Are you using right brush?

Now a day’s makeup brushes set new trend in makeup. Different type of makeup brushes is introduced in market but only stylist can understand the physics of these brushes. Because common girls and women are not able to understand about these brushes. The question arises in their mind that which makeup brush do what in their faces. So, girls and women buy two or three brushes and they used it for applying foundation, blushes and concealer etc.

Which makeup brush do what?

But I will tell you that these 6 brushes have to be present in your beauty box. Which is used in applying foundation, concealer, blushes, bronzer and eyebrow makeup.

Foundation brush:

It is quite fluffy and little hard brush to apply foundation on your face. It is quite heavy brush. these types of brushes are used to apply foundation all over our face. high or low coverage foundation are easily adjustable on this brush.

Which makeup brush do what foundation brush

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Concealer brush:

This brush is flat and small to apply concealer under eyes easily. Just drop a little amount of concealer on brush and apply it under your eyes. This brush gives smooth or no lines touch under your eyes. It is easily bendable.

Which Makeup brush do what concealer brush

Powder brush:

Compact powder is used to apply all over our face so this brush is heavy in texture. It is supper fluffy and soft brush just to blend powder with foundation and concealer as well. Easily used in every type of makeup.

Which makeup brush do what powder brush

Bronzer brush:

You are using liquid Matte bronzer or powder bronzer this brush is exclusive made to apply bronzer to flaten your face. It is fine brush where its one edge is lower than other edge. This brush is used to create bronzer lines near your cheeks.

Which makeup brush do what bronzer brush

Blushon brush:

Blushon brush is supper fluffy and small just to apply blushes on your cheeks. Its one touch is fine for ceeks. Just to made for cheeks as blush powder will not spread all over face.

Which makeup brush do what blushon brush

Eyebrow brush:

Girls and women mostly don’t do work on Eyebrow makeup. Eyebrows enhanced the features of face and it is not good to drop eyebrow makeup. There are special brushes to do eyebrow makeup with it.

Which makeup brush do what eyebrow brush

This brush is used to comb eyebrow first and then its second brush which is attached to another side used to create outlines with black shadows or liners. This brush gives a beautiful eyebrow looks.

These 6 brushes have to used in every type of makeup like no makeup look, party makeup, wedding makeup, routine makeup etc. I hope you like my blog. If you then tell me in comment section. Which type of brushes you are using?.

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