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Who won the crown of Miss Universe and then which thing amazed the people?

The Miss Universe pageant was held in the city of New Orleans, USA. where beautiful models and beauties from all over the world participated. whose number was 84. And all the virgins were more than one. All the models were appreciated by the people present. But this time, the crown of this competition is Gabriel, who is an American of Filipino origin۔Gabriel has already won the title of Miss America. Her full name is R’Bonney Gabriel. The goddess of fortune has been kind to her and this time she has won the Miss Universe pageant of the whole world.

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When Gabriel was asked. Many changes have been made to the Miss Universe pageant this year. This year, mothers and married women can also participate, so what changes do you want and why? She said that the age limit of the candidates should be increased.

My age is 28 which is the last limit. A woman’s age does not determine her beauty. She belongs to Houston, USA. She is a model and a fashion designer. The most surprising thing is that she wore an orange cape at the start of the competition.

It has the words “now and then when” on it. Moreover, it was made from recycled materials and was painted by myself. Gabriel says she got this phrase from her father while encouraging her to pursue her goals and dreams.

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